G&E is a German, internationally operating company that sells, manages, furnishes and rents high-quality properties in Berlin. Our speciality is co-operation with and consulting of international customers and understanding their needs: buyers and sellers, owners and tenants.

Santo Esposito
Founder & Managing Director

Santo Esposito has been a real estate agent in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main for almost 10 years. His specialities comprise a deep understanding of fragmented markets and of the real estate market in Germany as well as an intimate knowledge of the needs of international and globally acting clients.

Throughout his career as Managing Director and consultant for HNWIs, family offices and real estate companies, Santo has built up an extensive professional network worldwide. Santo has an insatiable curiosity and a proven ability to detect trends in real estate as well as to lead individuals with different cultural backgrounds and differing personalities.

Born in 1976, Santo grew up in Naples, in the South of Italy. After graduating in theoretical philosophy in 2003 he moved to Berlin sensing the vibrant atmosphere and the epochal changes taking place in the city after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War.

Before discovering his passion for real estate in 2009, Santo worked in the film industry for Berlin based independent film production companies selling and purchasing film exhibition rights.

During his stay at the Shaolin Kung Fu Temple in China in 2012, he fully came to understand a principle that he has embodied throughout his carrier: professional fulfilment is about how you do what you do.

In 2016 and 2017, Santo studied Global Business at the University of Oxford. Participating in his diploma programme has given him a unique opportunity to share best practices with outstanding professionals from all over the world and different businesses and to nurture his burning ambition to disrupt the real-estate industry.

On a practical level, Santo has the remarkable ability to explain the developing real-estate market in Berlin in a simple and clear way while staying focused on several complex transactions at the same time.

In his personal life, Santo enjoys swimming, cooking and travelling. Once an enthusiastic martial arts practitioner, he now loves tai chi.

Richard Giessel
Founder & Managing Director

Born in 1972, Richard Giessel began his professional career in 1991 at Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt  am Main.

He soon discovered his deep passion for international clients and he took on the position as Relationship Manager for International Wealth Management Clients with a focus on the Middle East and providing personal advisory and mandatory asset management facilities.

Responsible for assets in excess of €120 million and working for more than 16 years international wealth management, he has been able to gain access to an extensive international customer base and network.

In his capacity as Director, and working for Commerzbank AG Frankfurt, Richard established  a new representative office in Berlin for international clients.

During the subsequent seven years successfully managing this office, he saw for himself the excellent investment opportunities that Berlin’s real-estate market had to offer international clients. He was also able to learn about the needs and demands of international investors investing outside the banking sector in Germany.

As a logical consequence, Richard turned his back on banking and did what had been long overdue: He decided to establish his own real estate company in order to provide international clients with excellent, transparent and outcome-orientated investment solutions in the field of real estate in Berlin.

His personal strengths include his extensive expertise and keen insight into the interests of international clients, successful negotiations at international level; he is a driver and doer with a clear focus and a strong hands-on mentality.